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Filler May 23, 2008

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Just a quick filler post, as I’ve been too busy to take time and write anything here recently.

I came across this song, and it’s worth listening to.

Beth Rowley – “Nobody’s fault but mine”

And a quick question/thought for you;

In life, do we spend so much time worrying about what other people think about us, and what they want that we forget about what we want? What our hearts want? And what we are really meant to do? And who we really are?…


Partaaaaay! May 12, 2008

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Wooot! I’m having a party! I’m not usually all that excited by parties, because I only enjoy myself at certain ones, but I am very excited about this one! Me and some of my family are having a decorating party, I mean it will only be us, so it will be a pretty lame party, but it will still be fun. My aunt and her boyfriend are going to be there, she says she is going to ‘get me’ because I always out wit her when she tries to insult me, but that’s because she has an ice Cream Brain.

We’re going to party at my new place, and decorate it while we party, I wonder how that’s gonna work and who’s gonna get covered in paint first? 0.o

Anyway, I just had to blog that! hehe

In Other News, I tired to Install Linux on my PC today, failed… sigh…

I really need a new PC, and my copy of Windows might…. miiiiiight not be legit, but that is not my fault! I can’t do anything on this PC anymore, and it is really starting to bug me! However, it will make it worth it, waiting… because when I get my new PC, whenever that may be, I will think it is amazing!

Technology sucks…

[rant end] 🙂


Friends + Sex = Awkward?

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I read a Blog post today, a friends actually and in it she described something… that in my mind could of been her having sex! And I felt awkward, do I really want to know about her sex life? I mean course I do! But do I really? haha Because on one hand I want to have a gossip, ask her how it was, if he was cute etc etc. and on the other hand I don’t particularly want an Image of her having sex in my mind, mainly because she’s a close friend and she’s so cute, little and adorable! In my mind she is an angel and does not have sex! But I guess there is always that gossipy instinct that makes me want to know all of the details, and chat about it for ages.

Some things are just so complicated… Maybe even Angels have sex…


Top 4 Cosy Night Time Hot Drinks May 11, 2008

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Today I thought id share with you my favorite Cosy Hot Drinks for before I go to bed.

Hot Chocolate – This is one of my favorite drinks in the world! I love chocolate, and love a nice hot chocolate, added milk and a tea spoon of sugar before I go to bed. I like it strong! Also with cream on top and then sprinkled chocolate on top of the cream.

Hot Milk – I don’t have this allot, and it reminds me of my childhood when my mum would make it for me. I like hot milk, with a tea spoon of sugar to make it sweater.

Horlicks – this is good for helping you sleep, I like this strong and milky.

Coffee with a dash of Brandy or Sheridans – I love this, it is warm and makes you feel allot better if you have a cold, or tooth ache. I love Sheridans in anything because it is so sweat but it is especially nice in Coffee, on it’s own I can only drink a little. I have coffee, a dash of milk, 1 sugar and a dash of sheridans.

You wouldn’t believe some of the Images that came up when I searched into Google for “Hot Milk”


A few topics… May 10, 2008

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Last night I didn’t post anything, so today I am going to post about 3 small topics.

(1) Explain Yourself!

In life you have to explain yourself… your actions and have to justify what you do. When you are a child you have to do this often, but when you get to a certain age shouldn’t you be able to just say “This is how it is, and I don’t have to explain it” I mean, why should you explain it to anyone? You are your own person and what you do is up to you. Are you worried what people might think? What they might find out? Are you… Paranoid?

Relax… you don’t have to Justify yourself to anyone!

(2) Identity

When you pretend to be so many people, someone you are not it can become difficult, you become that person. You make relationships and bonds as that person and then when you finally get sick of being that person, there is no way to back up and be who you really are. Everything you have as your other identity must be lost, and sometimes you get caught up in being someone you are not.

Who are you really?

(3) Just sex…

When people say “It’s just sex” or “all I want is sex, nothing else” do they really mean it? Can it ever be ‘Just Sex’? Surely when you have sex, such a close, intimate and special interaction you form some sort of bond, some sort of relationship. So really, can it ever be “Just Sex”?


Can men ever ‘really’ become women? May 7, 2008

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Firstly, id like to point out that I could not think of anything to post about today, and in the end settled with this 🙂

Today when I was walking down the street, in the hot summer weather I saw a man walking towards me, and then past me. This got my mind thinking “Can men ever really become women?” And I can’t make that answer, because there is so much to consider.

Sure, men can have surgery to remove their male parts, and they can take hormones to make their hair and voice change, and they can have breast surgery to make them look more womanly and they can even have counseling to feel more feminine but does this make them a real woman?

What I mean is they can’t change the way they naturally walk, talk or even their facial expressions. These are different for everyone, we are all unique and we all have our own little ‘ways’ like the way we look at people, the way we react to certain things and the way our mind works. This can never be changed and it is with us forever, because it is what defines us, it is our personality.

Another thing we can’t change is our childhood, and our childhood is the ‘foundations’ of our life.

So this leaves us all with a thought, that we can never really understand, can a man ever really become a real woman?


Welcome to my Blog, my 1st Post. May 6, 2008

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Hey there and Welcome to my Blog. I told Eli last night that I would write my first entry today, and I think that I can find a few things to jabber on about. I’ll tell you about my day, starting from the beginning.

I woke up this morning in a panic, thinking that it was much later than it was, and so I jumped out of my bed, stumbling and I grabbed for my Roll On Anti-Perspirant and then I got dressed in a blind rush, grabbing at my clothes and pulling them on. I picked up my phone and my keys, and as I dropped my keys into my left pocket I suddenly realized “These are the trousers with the hole in the pocket…” and by then it was too late and the keys were at my feet, on the inside of the trousers. How that hole got there I don’t know, as when I got home after buying the trousers it was already there. Anyway, that meant that I had to lay back down on my bed, on my back and get the keys… this was a hint to go back to bed? 😛 I then did my daily routine, have a wash and brush my teeth and then I went downstairs and put my Cocoa butter onto my arms, I love the smell of Cocoa butter and it makes me feel good to wear it, try it and see!

For breakfast I decided to have a cup of coffee and a Mandarin, my body decided that it didn’t want anything but I forced coffee into it anyway, and then started to peel the mandarin, at which point my friend came in and we sat for about an hour talking. Because of our talking it took me half an hour to peel this sodding piece of over sized fruit, and by that time I didn’t even want it, so I put it in the fridge.

During the day I came across an article about Religion, and suffering… all about human pain and moral evil and natural evil and I tried to work out, if God is real why would he let these natural disasters and all of this pain happen. Then i realized, it is US who cause all of this pain and suffering, even the natural evil in some ways, as we have a free mind, that god gave us and so we decide what we do, and if we abuse our world then it will cause us pain through such natural evil. I

I was walking down the street, just before I had my lunch and I saw one of my friend, he used to be one of my best friends and I’ve known him since I can even remember, we don’t speak anymore and I don’t know why i guess we just lost contact. He was on a bike with another person riding next to him, our eyes met but his face did not change, a bit like he just looked right through me. It made me wonder, what was he thinking at that moment when our eyes met, so briefly? I doubt we will really ever be true friends again, I guess some things just don’t last.

For lunch I had lasagna and that damn over sized piece of fruit. Not much else has happened in my day, apart from that. But I have been thinking, while looking back at old photos about how things change over time, our environment, the way we look and even our personalities. Do we change for the better? Or if you could, would you go back to how it used to be? And so I got an old Picture of me on my mums bed, don’t have a clue how old I was here but it was a long time ago, oh and I’m *cough* playing dress up. I’ve also got a Picture of my mum from a long time ago in the morning, THAT is one thing that has never changed… she still takes hours to get ready, and she still looks like a crazed chimp when she first wakes up.

Just in case you are wondering, I’m the pretty one on the left LOL

Oh and Eli, sorry I didn’t get Online on time I got the times wrong >>.<<

Oh and guess what JUST happened to me, the right headphone on my headset just fell off 😛 Everything is falling apart!