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Partaaaaay! May 12, 2008

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Wooot! I’m having a party! I’m not usually all that excited by parties, because I only enjoy myself at certain ones, but I am very excited about this one! Me and some of my family are having a decorating party, I mean it will only be us, so it will be a pretty lame party, but it will still be fun. My aunt and her boyfriend are going to be there, she says she is going to ‘get me’ because I always out wit her when she tries to insult me, but that’s because she has an ice Cream Brain.

We’re going to party at my new place, and decorate it while we party, I wonder how that’s gonna work and who’s gonna get covered in paint first? 0.o

Anyway, I just had to blog that! hehe

In Other News, I tired to Install Linux on my PC today, failed… sigh…

I really need a new PC, and my copy of Windows might…. miiiiiight not be legit, but that is not my fault! I can’t do anything on this PC anymore, and it is really starting to bug me! However, it will make it worth it, waiting… because when I get my new PC, whenever that may be, I will think it is amazing!

Technology sucks…

[rant end] 🙂


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