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Filler May 23, 2008

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Just a quick filler post, as I’ve been too busy to take time and write anything here recently.

I came across this song, and it’s worth listening to.

Beth Rowley – “Nobody’s fault but mine”

And a quick question/thought for you;

In life, do we spend so much time worrying about what other people think about us, and what they want that we forget about what we want? What our hearts want? And what we are really meant to do? And who we really are?…


3 Responses to “Filler”

  1. Lisa Y Says:

    *kicks Gage* Hurry, post something already. Hugs.

  2. Gage Says:

    *kicks back* Don’t rush me I am busy busy. LOL

  3. Gage Says:

    Ooh my Identicon is different now I moved my PC! YAY Oh… wait I didn’t change the connection, just the location. Now I feel stupid.

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