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Wooh I’m postin’! June 26, 2008

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Oki so it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve just not had time, sorry.

I just tried to log into this blog and it told me wrong password, when I asked to have it emailed to me, to my Yahoo! Email account Yahoo! kept on failing, timing out and being a total ass! Which really annoyed me, I am sorry to say that Yahoo! Officially sucks. Yahoo! Mail is one of the worst I have ever come across.

In response to Lisa’s Latest Blog post which can be found here I will post how id like to and how I plan to change my lifestyle.

Here goes;

Go Green:

I’m gonna start Recycling more, like Lisa has decided too and I am also only gonna use Energy when I need to. No more leaving lights on, boiling too much water in the kettle and leaving things on standby!


I’m going to eat a lot more healthily and eat more fruit and Veg. I am gonna detox and diet, and I am going to watch what I buy. I’m also gonna stop snacking and eating junk food, I don’t do it loads but I do it sometimes, when I went to stay with my mum we got so bored that all we did was sleep, eat and get drunk. We ate so much, healthy food too but also junk, we will need to learn how to occupy ourselves. I will also exercise more! I am not fat, but I could tone myself more. I’m also going to sleep, at the moment I stay up all night working on things that I really don’t HAVE to do or can wait, and I sleep a couple of hours in the day and it is not good for my body, so it is gonna stop… soon.


I am gonna volunteer less, when I am not appreciated! I am gonna start working properly, I need to. I have applied for a really cool job, bad pay but cool job, so we’ll see where that leads. I need to also think about my future.


I need to work on this, not hugely but a bit. I am a  social person, more from my PC and on the phone than in person, I see my Family a lot but not my friends as much. I’ll work on this, in time.

So that’s my latest blog post, enjoy : )

Hrm it would not be complete without leaving you a thought…

Oh! Here’s something I have heard lately somewhere: “I do not understand your art” he replies “Do you understand Chinese?” She replies “No” He then replies “No, but Chinese can be learn’t”