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Moving August 5, 2008

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I posted an earlier Filler Post, in July which said about me moving.

Well the time has come! I’m not ready, at all but I am Moving! Later today I will move my stuff into the new house (and go Offline for a short time)

I havn’t finished packing yet, but I am pretty sure it will be done by the time I have to move all of the stuff. It’s a scarey experience, but also exciting too. I am moving to a new Town where I do not know the area or any of the people, but I’ll have my family with me. I’ll be Studying, and Working at this town but the move is not forever just maybe a couple of years. The house has an amazing view, out of the living room windows you can just see green fields for as far as you can see, with a farm in the distance but at night the lights of the road there show, which is actualy quite pretty!

I may also Volunteer at the Hospital, id like to go into Nursing eventualy so why not? I’m pretty much over booked around the 20th – 22nd of August, but there’s a Volunteer Day at the Hospital that I could attend.

Anyway, better finish packing!

See you on the other side! : D