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I’m here… a little late September 10, 2008

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In my previous posts I said about moving house, well I’ve done it! I actualy moved a couple of months ago but just haven’t posted anythig yet. Well I am here, in the new place! I have a lovely view from the living room window, looking out over fields with just a farm in the distance. Since I’ve been here the fields have changed from a slight gold color to green, its amazing. At night you can see the lights of the next town in the distance, and cars. The area here sucks, there’s nothing here… no cinema, shopping centre or even large stores and everyone here seems to have a bad attitude, so I don’t plan to stay here for long. Its odd, the change you experience when you move from one place to another, everything from the local scenery to the attitudes of the people around you.

Since I got here I haven’t done much, I enrolled into College but have decided to wait until next year to complete my course, I haven’t found a job yet and wow that is difficult here as the area is so isolated and run down. I’ve been having meetings at the L&D Hospital, and should be Volunteering there before long.

I’m at an important stage of my life, and I’m finding it difficult to choose a path to take, I am just drifting and there is so much id like to do but I know in reality I can’t do everything so I have to choose a path and a career. I hate choice 😛

Anyway thats my update, I’ll blog something more interesting soon, hopefully.


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