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Waiting… October 26, 2008

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So like I said, rather un enthusiasticly, in my last post, I have a job!

Not just ANY job, a new job!

So, I’ve got a job with Bupa (Health Care) they are like the NHS, only Private =]

This is particularly exciting because I want to become a fully Qualified Nurse, and now I am a Care Assistant for Bupa, I will be able to work my way up the Health Care ladder, and eventually do my Nurses Training.

So here is what the Job Description for my role says;

The main requirements of the Care Assistant are:

  • To be responsible for the well being, ie the physical, emotional and social needs of the residents, in a caring, kind and respectful manner, preserving dignity and self-respect at all times.

I wont go into too much detail, because most of what I’ll be doing is hardly glam 😛

Anyway, I realized how excited I am about it, and that I hadn’t posted it like that here, so now I have!

All I need to do now is wait for my CRB and Pova checks to be done before I can do my 3 days of Induction Training in Paperwork, and then get started! 😀

Ciao! x


Ugh… October 19, 2008

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Well I haven’t been posting as much as id like to, same old story, really.

So, I got myself a job a while back in Telesales working in a Call Center, pfft Call Center? It was just an office in town, it wasn’t huge and I shared one of the offices in the building with someone else, just me and her. It was the Telesales room, 2 desks and lots of data. 2 people would come in for the morning and then I would go in with this other woman, who started on the same day as me would go in and finish at 7:30pm. It wasn’t a really bad job, very relaxed and chilles out, and I really go along with the woman I was working with, until one day her husband told her she can’t come back to work… that was hard for me, she made it eassier to get throught he shift, having someone there that I got along with. Anyway to finish up I quit, the pay sucked, and it just wasn’t enough.

I’ve got another job now, but I haven’t started yet, I am waiting for my CRB check to be done. I’m a Care Assistant for Bupa and I really can’t wait to get started, it will be a stable wage and I will be well on my way to becoming a nurse. In fact, id of never found out about it if I wasn;t doing the pervious job, Telesales.

I can’t wait to get working again, it is so boring being stuck at home with nothing to do, so much time on my hands. I also like having a good income, more money to spend on fun times!

Oh I’m also looking to rename my blog, start a fresh, Lisa got any ideas? 😀

Anyway enough rambling…


False smiles October 9, 2008

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I, like many people, have and do go through life wearing a false smile. What does this mean? It means that we pretend to be OK a lot of the time, even when we’re not. At work we smile, even when we are thinking about bashing a customers head against the desk with rage, for example.

Lately my smile has faded, because I am simply finding it hard to put it on. In my family I have always been the one that ‘is OK’ and even when I am not, id just say ‘Oh I am fine’ I hold things together, and I stay strong when others can’t, it is just what I do.

but what do you do, when you lose your false smile?

It isn’t a bad thing to use a false smile, a smile does a lot of good, for many people. But I am just starting to wonder… why is it so hard to be happy? Why SHOULD we need to use a false smile? Surely we have reason to use a ‘real’ smile?


Smile, its important. Smile as much as you can, even if it is a false smile. But also remember to smile inside, because that is true happiness, a true smile.

We all have the right to be happy.

So there’s my pointless, ranting post. Enjoy. : )


Amnesty International October 6, 2008

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Today The Secret Policeman’s Ball 2008 was on, so I just thought id post an Amnesty Banner. It’s a great cause, and Amnesty does some fantastic work.

Torture is terror - Amnesty International