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Moving August 5, 2008

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I posted an earlier Filler Post, in July which said about me moving.

Well the time has come! I’m not ready, at all but I am Moving! Later today I will move my stuff into the new house (and go Offline for a short time)

I havn’t finished packing yet, but I am pretty sure it will be done by the time I have to move all of the stuff. It’s a scarey experience, but also exciting too. I am moving to a new Town where I do not know the area or any of the people, but I’ll have my family with me. I’ll be Studying, and Working at this town but the move is not forever just maybe a couple of years. The house has an amazing view, out of the living room windows you can just see green fields for as far as you can see, with a farm in the distance but at night the lights of the road there show, which is actualy quite pretty!

I may also Volunteer at the Hospital, id like to go into Nursing eventualy so why not? I’m pretty much over booked around the 20th – 22nd of August, but there’s a Volunteer Day at the Hospital that I could attend.

Anyway, better finish packing!

See you on the other side! : D


Filler July 20, 2008

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I really need to start posting more…

I’m moving at the end of the month, which scares me! I am not sure I want to go but I know I have to. I’ve been trying to get the internet connected but havn’t been able to, I’ll be so lost in a new town with no internet, I’ll feel so distant and disconnected from friends and people I know.

Time goes so fast, I still need to finish packing and getting ready, Everything seems to be such a mess right now, but I will let life take it’s course, and just see what happens.

I think I might be away for a month maybe, could be a little bit longer but within a few months I will be back and Online again.

I think I am going to go to college and do a course, in Administration… I have the time, and it wont cost a lot so why not? : )

While I am away I can do a lot of things that I have put off in life. There’s so much I want to do and it always feels like I never have time.

Anyway will post again soon.



Wooh I’m postin’! June 26, 2008

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Oki so it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve just not had time, sorry.

I just tried to log into this blog and it told me wrong password, when I asked to have it emailed to me, to my Yahoo! Email account Yahoo! kept on failing, timing out and being a total ass! Which really annoyed me, I am sorry to say that Yahoo! Officially sucks. Yahoo! Mail is one of the worst I have ever come across.

In response to Lisa’s Latest Blog post which can be found here I will post how id like to and how I plan to change my lifestyle.

Here goes;

Go Green:

I’m gonna start Recycling more, like Lisa has decided too and I am also only gonna use Energy when I need to. No more leaving lights on, boiling too much water in the kettle and leaving things on standby!


I’m going to eat a lot more healthily and eat more fruit and Veg. I am gonna detox and diet, and I am going to watch what I buy. I’m also gonna stop snacking and eating junk food, I don’t do it loads but I do it sometimes, when I went to stay with my mum we got so bored that all we did was sleep, eat and get drunk. We ate so much, healthy food too but also junk, we will need to learn how to occupy ourselves. I will also exercise more! I am not fat, but I could tone myself more. I’m also going to sleep, at the moment I stay up all night working on things that I really don’t HAVE to do or can wait, and I sleep a couple of hours in the day and it is not good for my body, so it is gonna stop… soon.


I am gonna volunteer less, when I am not appreciated! I am gonna start working properly, I need to. I have applied for a really cool job, bad pay but cool job, so we’ll see where that leads. I need to also think about my future.


I need to work on this, not hugely but a bit. I am a  social person, more from my PC and on the phone than in person, I see my Family a lot but not my friends as much. I’ll work on this, in time.

So that’s my latest blog post, enjoy : )

Hrm it would not be complete without leaving you a thought…

Oh! Here’s something I have heard lately somewhere: “I do not understand your art” he replies “Do you understand Chinese?” She replies “No” He then replies “No, but Chinese can be learn’t”


Filler May 23, 2008

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Just a quick filler post, as I’ve been too busy to take time and write anything here recently.

I came across this song, and it’s worth listening to.

Beth Rowley – “Nobody’s fault but mine”

And a quick question/thought for you;

In life, do we spend so much time worrying about what other people think about us, and what they want that we forget about what we want? What our hearts want? And what we are really meant to do? And who we really are?…


Partaaaaay! May 12, 2008

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Wooot! I’m having a party! I’m not usually all that excited by parties, because I only enjoy myself at certain ones, but I am very excited about this one! Me and some of my family are having a decorating party, I mean it will only be us, so it will be a pretty lame party, but it will still be fun. My aunt and her boyfriend are going to be there, she says she is going to ‘get me’ because I always out wit her when she tries to insult me, but that’s because she has an ice Cream Brain.

We’re going to party at my new place, and decorate it while we party, I wonder how that’s gonna work and who’s gonna get covered in paint first? 0.o

Anyway, I just had to blog that! hehe

In Other News, I tired to Install Linux on my PC today, failed… sigh…

I really need a new PC, and my copy of Windows might…. miiiiiight not be legit, but that is not my fault! I can’t do anything on this PC anymore, and it is really starting to bug me! However, it will make it worth it, waiting… because when I get my new PC, whenever that may be, I will think it is amazing!

Technology sucks…

[rant end] 🙂


Friends + Sex = Awkward?

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I read a Blog post today, a friends actually and in it she described something… that in my mind could of been her having sex! And I felt awkward, do I really want to know about her sex life? I mean course I do! But do I really? haha Because on one hand I want to have a gossip, ask her how it was, if he was cute etc etc. and on the other hand I don’t particularly want an Image of her having sex in my mind, mainly because she’s a close friend and she’s so cute, little and adorable! In my mind she is an angel and does not have sex! But I guess there is always that gossipy instinct that makes me want to know all of the details, and chat about it for ages.

Some things are just so complicated… Maybe even Angels have sex…


Top 4 Cosy Night Time Hot Drinks May 11, 2008

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Today I thought id share with you my favorite Cosy Hot Drinks for before I go to bed.

Hot Chocolate – This is one of my favorite drinks in the world! I love chocolate, and love a nice hot chocolate, added milk and a tea spoon of sugar before I go to bed. I like it strong! Also with cream on top and then sprinkled chocolate on top of the cream.

Hot Milk – I don’t have this allot, and it reminds me of my childhood when my mum would make it for me. I like hot milk, with a tea spoon of sugar to make it sweater.

Horlicks – this is good for helping you sleep, I like this strong and milky.

Coffee with a dash of Brandy or Sheridans – I love this, it is warm and makes you feel allot better if you have a cold, or tooth ache. I love Sheridans in anything because it is so sweat but it is especially nice in Coffee, on it’s own I can only drink a little. I have coffee, a dash of milk, 1 sugar and a dash of sheridans.

You wouldn’t believe some of the Images that came up when I searched into Google for “Hot Milk”